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Take it easy there.

On a funky little corner in Culver City, there resides a hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint called Tacomiendo. I originally read about them a long time ago because they served good food at cheap prices. Finally, after residing on my to-eat list for so long, I got around to taking a ride out to try them out. Not terribly hungry for this dinner hour, I skipped over the big ticket items like burritos and tortas. Instead, I went with their namesake, a taco.

This thing’s all smooth-like.

The taco I went with was carne asada ($2.25) and although the menu said it came with some nasty onions, the nice woman behind the counter assured me that I didn’t have to worry. Rather than tossing on any of the taco toppings in their kitchen, everything was out in public for people to pick and choose what they wanted and how much of it that wanted. It was a perfect stage for an unvegan.

Yet, even though I wasn’t too hungry, I needed something more than just a taco. So on top of that I ordered one of their specials of the day, a pollo (chicken) tamale ($2.00). Then, to top that all off I also ordered their Fun in the Sun smoothie for $2.25, which had mango and some other fruit I can’t remember in it.  All in all, I was getting a good-sized meal for under ten bucks.

Hot tamales anyone?

Soon enough, the meal was served. Both the taco and the tamale came with chips, so I was in for even more food than I expected. I loaded up with some salsa verde and got down to the eating. For the taco, I found it was a nice size and incredibly basic. Now I don’t mean basic in terms of ingredients, because that’s nothing to complain about, but I mean basic in terms of flavor. The meat tasted like beef, but not much more. Don’t get me wrong, I like my beef, but I was hoping for some more flavor to take a dance on my mouth. As for the tamale, it was actually a step up in flavor from the taco even though it was chicken and not beef. For the two bucks it cost, it was well-worth the value. And the smoothie was a nice way to wash it all down.

So Tacomiendo is certainly nothing to complain about. The food gets the job done and at a good price. I love that they give you the option to customize your taco, but in the end there are so many little corner taco joints around LA that serve up good grub. While I recommend Tacomiendo if you happen to be passing by or live nearby, I didn’t feel like it was a place worth going out of your way to experience.