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A Storyteller Burger

Every burger tells a story.

In my most recent trip to the land of Disney, I encountered many new experiences. In one, I found myself on a train traveling through the Grand Canyon and the land of dinosaurs. In another, I found myself in a cart shooting darts at 3D plates. But despite the plates, these did not involve actual food until I ended up at the Storytellers Cafe in the Grand Californian hotel of California Adventure.

First off, I didn’t even know the Grand Californian existed, let alone a restaurant within it, but we took our seats and I checked out the menu. In it, I didn’t find the most inspiring dishes, but I did find a great-looking burger. Differing from the burgers typically served in the park, this was a half-pounder with a harvest bun as opposed to the more normal buns. It was offered as turkey, veggie or beef and was cooked in the char-broiled style. I went with beef, of course, ordered it cooked medium and with some fries on the side instead of the fresh fruit that was my other option. I asked if anything else came on it and the waiter told me lettuce and tomato, but he could also throw some onion on it if I wanted. Clearly he had no idea who he was dealing with. I told him I wanted none of it, and hoped he got the message. Then I got a glass of Malbec to join it, because who doesn’t like to drink at Disney?

When my burger came out, it looked like a definite improvement from the typical Disney burgers. Plus, at $11.99 it was hardly more expensive than their regular burgers. Fortunately, I saw that the waiter had recognized my distaste for vegetables, as the burger was left with just cheese and bun. I took a bite and found the bun to be quite delicious, and the burger itself wasn’t too shabby either. As it was char-broiled, it wasn’t exactly cooked medium. Instead, it was brown all the way through, but still pretty good. The cheddar cheese was good, but not too inspired. It was a great burger for California Adventure, but probably something I would have been disappointed in if it had been a fancy burger place. Yet, for the price and the place, I couldn’t complain. And that 40% off cast member business meeting discount certainly helped.