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Just like Mary would want.
Just like Mary would want.

For our last night in Portland we went out big, heading to Tasty n Sons. Our waitress tried to make the claim that the food was meant to be shared by the table like tapas, but everything seemed like an entree and that really seemed like a ploy to get us to order more food. Thus, my buddy and I decided to go splitsies and then decide whether sharing was the right course of action.

We started off with Mary’s Fired Chicken and went with hot instead of Chesapeake Bay-style, which I assume would have meant Old Bay seasoning? The hot was a sort of cayenne powder instead of sauce, which was unique and worked well with this chicken. It seemed to have been randomly tossed upon the chicken, but it got the job done. The batter was really delicious and the chicken was perfectly tender. Moreover, there was a mix of boney and boneless chicken and it was all equally good.


We also had the Spicy BBQ Pork Ribs, which were also different than the kind of ribs I usually go for. Unlike the slow-smoked variety, these were not fall-off-the-bone ribs and instead relied on the sauce to deliver. That sauce was a nice mix of spicy and sweet that I definitely enjoyed. I’d still choose smokey first, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying such ribs. Also, bonus points for the thick slice of bread on the bottom picking up extra juices.

We did end up sharing a rib or two and a piece of chicken or two, allowing us the opportunity to try other people’s food as well. I can’t really speak to anything in particular, but I can say that everything I tried was delicious and worth ordering. Tasty n Sons indeed.