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Canada goes down south.
Canada goes down south.

There can be no doubt that I am a man who loves his poutine. In a lot of senses I am a purist, but when a place gets the right kind of creative I can get behind it. The Kroft in Tustin, Orange County started lighting up my social media feed months ago with some beautiful food pics. It took a while to find an excuse to get down there, but when I did I couldn’t help but make a stop.

It took a lot of chatting with the woman behind the counter, but I finally decided on the Country Fried Chicken Poutine. It came with country gravy as opposed to the usual thin beef gravy, chicken nuggets, bacon, cheese curds (because without that you can’t call it poutine) and a little bit of green onion. Oh, and of course a base of fries.

So many of the good things.
So many of the good things.

I had never had such a poutine before, but wow this was good. There was plenty of cheese and the chicken nuggets were really fried boneless chicken as opposed to the kind you might find at a fast food spot. The country gravy was really tasty, but the one thing it was lacking was the ability to add enough lubrication to the poutine. Thus, I had to occasionally grab some water to help continue moving the food down the gullet. Regardless, the poutine was packed with delicious flavor and a great balance of all of the flavors.

The only trouble was that I was alone. Had I been with others, I would have loved to try so many more things. As it was, I was stuck with just one (albeit delicious) poutine. Fortunately, there’s another location in LA that I can get to much easier should the need for creative poutine like this again.