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Ugh green things.
Ugh green things.

Laguna Beach may be an artsy community, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to fit some upscale restaurants in. And while I’m not usually the upscaliest sort of guy, my wife and I were taking my mom out to dinner for her birthday and we wanted to go upscale. For us, this meant a visit to The Beach House. With a view of the ocean and the feeling that we were literally eating in a massive house, The Beach House was just what we were looking for.

Usually at a place like this I would have ordered some steak. For some reason, though, my heart pushed me towards the sea and I ordered their Maine Lobster Tail. Why such a lobster had to be carted over from Maine rather than be pulled from the ocean across the way was lost on me, but I tried to ignore the carbon footprint the tail had made.

The lobster was served on a pile of whipped potato, with butter and an accompanying side of broccolini. I would have ordered my tail without said broccolini, but my eating companions volunteered to eat it and suffer the gaseous consequences of consuming such a terrible thing.

While I am not an expert in the consumption of crustaceans, I must say I was quite please with the lobster tail. As with all lobster tail I have ever eaten, I wished there was more of it, but it had been cooked with some tasty spices and avoided reaching the rubbery state that such food can often become.

The whipped potatoes made for a nice side and helped to fill up my stomach where the lobster had been unable to. I thought that by the time I was done I would long for more food, but I was pleased to be comfortably full in the end. It was a delicious meal and I’m happy to say that the birthday girl was pleased with her food as well.

I should also mention that the service at the bar/waiting area was pretty bad. Don’t go for a drink or you may emerge years older.