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All cheeseburgers should come with cocktail umbrellas.
All cheeseburgers should come with cocktail umbrellas.

Tucked into the back of the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas is a creatively named restaurant called Cheeseburger. Seriously. And I really mean that it’s a creative name, because the overall ambiance of the restaurant is not cheeseburgery at all. It’s Hawaiian. But, you know, something about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Despite the odd theme of the restaurant, the menu was flush with cheeseburger choices. Being a sort of combination breakfast and lunch meal, I opted for the Royal Ali’i Cheeseburger. It was some sort of veiled reference to Hawaii that was lost on me, but what wasn’t lost were the toppings. This thing came with a fried egg and crispy bacon, in addition to a slice of colby jack cheese. I also ordered some fries with it, but failed to notice the part of the menu that stated the burger also came with lettuce, tomato and onion. Apparently such things get foggy in Vegas.

When the burger arrived, I was amazed to find it impaled with an umbrella and also all those veggies. Fortunately, they had made up for it somewhat with a nice slice of pineapple. The burger was pretty good, but nothing truly groundbreaking or amazing. I liked the beef and the crispy bacon, and the egg turned out to be perfectly runny. Moreover, I was really happy with the fries.

I’d say Cheeseburger is a place is a place worthy of visiting, but it isn’t exactly worth going out of your way for unless you are simply looking for a wide variety of burger options in a Hawaiian setting. And by the way, I do realize that Cheeseburger is originally from Hawaii, but I still can’t understand the reasoning for the theme. Does the original Cheeseburger also have a Hawaiian theme? Because that would be weird. Because it’s in Hawaii.