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unvegan brophy bros.
Very bro-like

Walking into Brophy Bros. in Santa Barbara, based on the name, I expected some sort of frat house with waiters walking around with sweaters tied around their shoulders and referring to everyone as “Bro,” “Brah,” and “Brosef.” Instead, I found a seafood restaurant. Not sure which I would have preferred, as I seem to be finding myself at seafood places quite often lately, and I am not enjoying the pattern. Nonetheless, I rapidly found the most unhealthy dish on the menu, Fish ‘n’ Chips.

Despite the many terms we have changed from the original British, I find it very interesting that Fish ‘n’ Chips has withstood the test of time and more than 200 years of independence that other terms like “trousers” and “honour” couldn’t. I don’t mind though, since Fish ‘n’ Fries doesn’t have the same ring I can’t really imagine eating fish with potato chips.

My fried fish arrived soon enough and I began eating. They were a bit soggier than I would prefer and had that uncomfortable fishy smell to them. They were in dire need of the two sauces that were provided, and even those weren’t anything spectacular. In the end, I was full, but not really satisfied. The fish and chips had tasted just okay and left a lot to be desired.