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Getting Cheesy at Mad Dogs (CLOSED)

Nothing green here.
Nothing green here.

After a long day of drinking in Santa Barbara, I stumbled upon a little hole in the wall joint called Mad Dogs. Hot dogs were their specialty, which was perfect for me to soak up the remains of the day.

They had a variety of hot dog choices to please anyone, and I decided to do a little custom thing. I ordered a bacon and cheese dog with a side of cheese fries. Apparently I am not afraid of destroying my arteries in one sitting.

The price was a little steep, but so is everything in Santa Barbara, so I just chalked it up to the location.

When my food was done, it looked quite nice. I was a bit baffled by the fact that my hot dog went way beyond the size of the bun. You would think that a place specializing in hot dogs would be able to match up sizes better, but apparently not. The real issue with this was not so much that the dog didn’t fit, but that the parts of the dog that didn’t fit were naked, cheeseless and baconless.

The cheese on both the dog and fries tasted pretty dry, which was a strange feeling. It tasted almost dehydrated, which was probably better for my health, but not very good for my taste buds.

Nonetheless, I scarfed down all of my food in a few minutes and was ready to tackle the rest of the night. Mad Dogs was a great drunken stop, but a sober man could certainly find some better food in the area.