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Frying Up the Sea at Parkers’ Lighthouse

Ok, I guess I’ll eat fish.

Parkers’ Lighthouse in the Shoreline Village of Long Beach is not an actual lighthouse. Also surprising was the fact that during my time there I met not one person named Parker. It is, however, a seafood restaurant overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. So, for the third time in just two days, I found myself staring at menu full of fish and finally I gave in.

I went with the easiest fish possible, Fish and Chips. I also leaned this way because it was marked as one of the fish harvested from a sustainable source. I figure if I’m going to get something I probably won’t love, I should at least ensure that this thing will be replaced.

After a considerable wait, I finally got my order in, and then after another considerable wait, my order arrived. The results were actually a bit worse than expected. I love fried food and I love grease, but when I dug into these, I found myself a little greased out. Like to the point that my face dripped with grease with each bite. But this would be perfectly fine with me if the grease brought some awesome flavor along with it. Sadly, these bits of fish were relatively flavorless. Actually, that was a like, the only flavor that really came through was the grease.

So that’s how it went at Parkers Lighthouse. After downing only about half the fish, I was good and done. Fish and Chips is a damn heavy dish, but when there’s little flavor incentive to keep eating, you wind up with full, unsatisfied stomach and a great view of the ocean.