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Tequila Jack’s Will Get You High (on Sugar) Tonight

That’s a mole!

Down in Long Beach to visit my favorite baby named after Bella from Twilight, we found ourselves at Tequila Jack’s for lunch. Located in the touristy pier/wharf area, Tequila Jack’s had all the look and feel of touristy Mexican restaurant. Yet, for all that look and feel, it did have a few of those Mexican dishes you don’t find at your average tourist spot. One of these dishes was their Chicken Mole Enchiladas. So, like any unsuspecting fan of Mexican I ordered them.

Frying Up the Sea at Parkers’ Lighthouse

Ok, I guess I’ll eat fish.

Parkers’ Lighthouse in the Shoreline Village of Long Beach is not an actual lighthouse. Also surprising was the fact that during my time there I met not one person named Parker. It is, however, a seafood restaurant overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. So, for the third time in just two days, I found myself staring at menu full of fish and finally I gave in.