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That’s a mole!

Down in Long Beach to visit my favorite baby named after Bella from Twilight, we found ourselves at Tequila Jack’s for lunch. Located in the touristy pier/wharf area, Tequila Jack’s had all the look and feel of touristy Mexican restaurant. Yet, for all that look and feel, it did have a few of those Mexican dishes you don’t find at your average tourist spot. One of these dishes was their Chicken Mole Enchiladas. So, like any unsuspecting fan of Mexican I ordered them.

On top of the two enchiladas, the dish also came with beans, rice and some sort of a corn pudding ball. I was disappointed to find my rice full of peas and carrots, but they were chopped big enough to avoid if necessary and don’t have much of an invasive flavor.

This woman named her daughter after a Twilight character. Just sayin’.

When I dug into the enchiladas, I was immediately taken aback by how sweet the mole sauce was. I’m talking sweet like candy, as in the chef may or may not have melted a Hershey bar over my enchiladas and called it a day. I wasn’t in the mood for a sugar high, so after getting about halfway through the enchiladas, I called it quits. There was a bright spot, though, as the refried beans were pretty good.

But, that one bright spot was not nearly enough to redeem this disappointing meal. I don’t think I have the highest standard for mole, but Tequila Jack’s fell far short of that standard.