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All mine.
All mine.

You can get Italian food anywhere, so on the many occasions that I have returned to my homeland of Michigan since moving away one fateful day in 2007, I have not felt a drive to get to Antonio’s in Farmington Hills. After making a trip back there, I now realize this has been a mistake. After all, Antonio’s was the site of my college graduation lunch. Upon arrival, I could almost taste their amazing bread, which was good because it came out quickly and I devoured it like a fiend.

Because this isn’t just any bread. The outside consists of a crisp, but giving exterior covered in a perfect blend of seasonings, while the inside is soft, warm and welcoming. I pretty much ate the whole basket (oh the benefits of eating dinner with a glutard and a paleo).

Well...kinda like shells.
Well…kinda like shells.

Having filled up nearly my entire stomach with that bread, my meal arrived: the Covatelli Bolognese. This was some shell-shaped pasta in a creamy meat sauce and definitely looked the part. It also tasted as good as it sounded, with just the right amount of meat to keep the sauce saucy and pasta that tasted like pasta should taste.

I’d call Antonio’s a hidden gem, but everyone in the Farmington Hills and West Bloomfield area knows it’s a good bet. Italian food might be everywhere, but Antonio’s is still something special.