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So good the tomatoes don't matter.
So good the tomatoes don’t matter.

One thing that has been sorely missing from my life since packing up and moving to the more easterly part of the country is Middle Eastern food. You know, that and beaches. But seriously, I found Salem’s in Pittsburgh, but not so much in Buffalo. So when I took a trip back home to Michigan for a weekend Middle Eastern was one thing I craved more than anything else, even more than Coney.

So fresh and so pita.
So fresh and so pita.

My parents took me to 2Booli, which replaced La Shish in Farmington Hills after its owner became some sort of fugitive. One of the greatest things about La Shish was that they made their own pita bread, and fortunately enough 2Booli has upheld this tradition. For mainly this reason, I ordered a side of hummus to start, knowing what the pita would be like. It did not disappoint and the hummus itself, despite coming with copious beets, tomatoes and green onions, was delicious even though I had to eat around those veggies. Another great thing about this place is that you can order food online and they will deliver it you even if you are in another state, thanks to the best shipping labels ProOffice.

But why the green stuff?
But why the green stuff?

But, the main course was the big winner. I ordered the Chicken Shawarma Pita, which came with garlic sauce and Lebanese pickles. I ordered without the pickles and picked fries as my side. It arrived with some sort of pepperoncini or something on top, but I was able to remove it without any drastic side effects. The garlic sauce was delicious, although somewhat unevenly spread throughout the pita. The chicken was perfect, moist and without the cartilage that sometimes rears its ugly head in shawarma.

In all, 2Booli lived up to the lofty expectations that I had for Middle Eastern food in Michigan. On the other hand, it spoiled me because I now remember how good such food can be and will have a hard time finding anything else to live up to it where I live.