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So braised up.
So braised up.

New York is known for many things. One of these things is not fries, especially the poutine variety of fries that is much more closely associated with Canada. So while driving through Ontario, Canada between Detroit and Buffalo, I was surprised to find a chain called New York Fries slinging poutine. Despite my reservations, I decided to give the place a chance instead of grabbing poutine at Wendy’s instead.

Instead of getting their classic poutine, I picked an upgrade and went for braised beef. While the menu made no mention of veggies, I noticed as the nice lady ladled a very small portion of braised beef onto fries that there appeared to be mushrooms and carrots with the good stuff. This was upsetting, but considering the small amount of braised beef, I was more concerned with that issue.

The cheese curds were good, but again it there just weren’t enough for my needs. The fries were fine, but overall I suppose New York Fries met my low expectations. It was nice to know that you can’t just throw fries, cheese curds and gravy together and make something delicious. Good poutine takes a bit more thought and if I didn’t have an enjoyable experience, at least I learned a little something.