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So curdy.
So curdy.

No trip to Canada is complete without at least one stop for poutine. Yes, even outside of the French side of Canada. The internet told me that Poutini’s in West Queen Street West had some of the best in town and I was eager to see if they could live up to the lofty expectations. Like other poutineriess, it had a few different options, but I was most intrigued by their Layered Poutine. This included an extra layer of cheese in the middle, and as much as I like bacon and other such things, this seemed best.

A tub of delicious.
A tub of delicious.

I ordered the regular size instead of their teeny weeny tiny, and watched as the lady behind the counter constructed a beautiful bowl of fries, cheese and gravy. After a few pretty photos, I took my fork to the pile of beauty and was impressed with what I found. The gravy was light without being too plain, and wasn’t too salty either, allowing the full flavor (or should I say flavour?) of the fries and cheese to do their own work. I was very happy with the extra layer of cheese, because more cheese is always good, although I probably would have still been happy with just the regular amount of cheese.

The only downside was that it got a little bit intense at the bottom of the serving. It’s to be expected, but still not ideal.

Nonetheless, I can safely say that this was the best poutine I have ever had (at least since starting up this blog, because I stupidly didn’t start until after going to Montreal). I’d recommend Poutini’s for anyone looking to take down that glorious blend of potato, dairy and meat drippings.