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We, the pita.
We, the pita.

It’s funny how a small college town can feel quite big when winter is so long and eating out is so much more money than a box of mac and cheese. (you need that money for beer, not food). So while I was a student at Michigan, I think I made it to Pita Kabob Grill once. But upon my return to Ann Arbor recently, I found myself with someone who had glorious memories of that little Middle-Eastern hole-in-the-wall and so I doubled down on my visits.

I ordered their Chicken Shawarma Pita, which came stuffed with chicken, fries, garlic sauce and pickles. As usual, I had no need for those dastardly pickles and ordered my wrap without. The result was something simple, flavorful and pretty tasty. The fries were a nice touch, and although some may write them off as a filler, I know from experience in the Middle-East that they are at least an authentic filler. In all, I was definitely happy with the experience.

Although I associated no nostalgia with Pita Kabob Grill, I can see how someone would. Their food is reliable and probably a nice change from dollar slices of pizza every once in a while.