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I have never seen any spinach pie here.

After failing to grab a late-night snack at Red Hot Lovers (if your damn sign says you are open til midnight, I better be able to show up at 11:57 and get a hot dog), we headed to Backroom Pizza. As a college student, this place was the best. Slices of cheese pizza were a buck and pepperoni ran 1.50. No one would ever claim it was great pizza, but at 2:30 am, you don’t need great pizza. Now that I’m no longer a poor college student, I was wondering if it would still have the allure it once did.

This isn’t great, but it’s kinda great.

When we showed up, there was a sign stating that the price of cheese slices had jumped to 1.25. According to the sign, it was their first price increase in 20 years. Is the oil spill to blame? Or Obama? More realistically, it probably has something to do with Rich Rodriguez (just kidding coach!). Still, the price of pepperoni remained unchanged. I walked into the hole in the wall and ordered two slices of pepperoni. They were handed to me instantly and I stepped outside to see if they withstood the test of time.

This is the right state to be eating Back Room.

And they did.

Bear in mind that I never called this pizza great. It still wasn’t great, and to be honest if I hadn’t been drinking, I would have some trouble calling it good. But I had been drinking and that’s what Backroom Pizza is for. Why waste four bucks on a slice of pizza while drunk? You won’t appreciate it as much as you should. So for that drunken munchies niche, Backroom is exactly what it should be, even if a slice of cheese isn’t the same value it once was.