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Why is this brown?

After a fruitless attempt to grab lunch at Blimpy Burger, we had to think fast and find ourselves another quick place to eat in Ann Arbor. We decided that Pizza Bob’s would be a great option. Pizza Bob’s has been in Ann Arbor forever, but for some reason I never went while I was a student. Once inside, I decided I didn’t really need any pizza for lunch, but the calzone looked awesome. For $7.08 (wait, how much?), I ordered a calzone stuffed with pepperoni, sausage and meatballs. No need to order without veggies since I got to choose the toppings (innards?) myself. The guy at the counter asked if I wanted white or wheat dough, and I chose white.

Something about this is too clean.

We were told the wait would only be about 10 minutes, but 20 minutes later our meals finally arrived. My calzone didn’t exactly have the white tone that I was looking for and upon closer inspection, it became obvious that I had been given a wheat calzone. Too tired and hungry to complain, I just hoped that the insides hadn’t been ruined with vegetables. I cut the doughy sack of meat open and looked inside. All clear.

I found the dough was nice and fluffy and then ingredients inside all blended pretty well together. None of the ingredients tasted amazing, but they certainly didn’t taste bad either. My only real issue was that there seemed to be a bit too much dough. Around the corners, I was definitely taking bites that were just straight up bread. Like I said, the bread was pretty good (for wheat), but I like a calzone to be filled to the brim.

Oh well, I suppose that’s what I get for ordering a calzone at a place called Pizza Bob’s.