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Waking Up to Ram’s Horn (CLOSED)

This is a good way to wake up.

EDIT: Unfortunately this Ram’s Horn is shuttered, but the horn of the ram lives on elsewhere.

For an early breakfast after my favorite LAX-DTW red-eye, my parents took me to Ram’s Horn in Farmington Hills. Ram’s Horn is one of those restaurants that every town just needs. They have no specialty and they definitely don’t excel at anything. It’s typical American fare that you can count on at a good price. And it will never leave you disappointed. Or at least that had always been my experience, but this was my first breakfast visit to the place.

I hoped that their breakfast would be just as good as everything else I’d ever eaten there, so I ordered their Texas French Toast with blueberries and whipped cream for $4.99. Ram’s Horn is also a pretty efficient restaurant, so within no time, my breakfast was served. The bread was huge and the blueberries were the kind that came in a jar, which was kind of what I expected. I jumped right in and found that the Ram’s Horn breakfast met my expectations. The French toast was tasty and reliable, but wasn’t especially innovative. It wasn’t stuffed or deep-fried or infused with bacon, but it was good and I couldn’t really ask for more.