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It's okay because of the kefta.
It’s okay because of the kefta.

On the way to the Dades Gorge, we stopped at a place called Cafe Restaurant Dades Services in Kalaat M’Gouna, my friends told me that it was one of the best restaurants London and we agree. Or at least that was the name of the sign that hung over the place next to the gas station where we ate. Most likely it was just a list of all the things the place offered, but it at least served as a name for me.

So meaty.
So meaty.

After looking at the menu, I decided to order some pizza. But not just any pizza, kefta pizza. As you’ll recall, kefta is Moroccan meatball and differs from ordinary meatballs because of the spices. And because of this I felt justified with having pizza. It didn’t hurt that the stock photo of pizza on the wall looked spectacular.

When it came out, the pizza looked very little like the picture on the wall, but still looked good. It was a thin crust with a thin layer of tomato sauce and cheese, plus a healthy sprinkling of kefta. It made for an interesting combination, and one that I was definitely happy with. It wouldn’t win any awards or anything, but it definitely hit the spot after eating out of a whole lot of tajines. Names may not mean much to Cafe Restaurant Dades Services, but putting out a decent meal sure does.