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A royale without cheese.
A royale without cheese.

In a quest for some of the best food down the street from our riad (hotel), we made our way to Dar Mimoun on Riad Zitoun Lakdim in the Medina. But don’t try to find the street sign because they basically don’t exist in Marrakesh. Just know that it’s there, somewhere. And inside is a veritable palace of space with some delicious-looking food.

This time I went with the Couscous Royal au Poulet et Viande (everything is available in French and this means “chicken and meat”), which comes in a tajine with a flurry of vegetables, chicken and that aforementioned couscous, but no other meat to speak of. Remember, while I still don’t like veggies, my travel rules mean that I still order things straight up so as not to miss out on a crucial experience. Like before, the meal came with bread, but this had somewhat more taste than my previous meal.

Bread bread bread.
Bread bread bread.

As for the couscous, it looked beautiful and even came with some sort of sauce to dump over my meal. I picked apart the veggies and and dug into the scalding hot couscous. It was painful at first, but once it cooled down I found it to be pretty tasty. The chicken itself didn’t exactly have the most flavor, but the sauce certainly helped. The couscous was nice and buttery and made fast work of filling me up.

Dar Mimoun was a nice place to stop, and I truly do mean nice. It tasted great and was definitely a bit of a step up in price, but worth it. So if you find yourself lost on Riad Zitoun Lakdim, you could do much worse.