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Flush with salad.
Flush with salad.

What’s chwarma? Some might say it’s simply how you spell schwarma in Morocco. At least that’s what I thought when we stopped at Cafe Restaurant L’Etoile in the Djemaa Al Fnaa (Big Square) of Marrakesh’s Medina. We kind of stopped there on a whim considering every other place we had been to was a success so far, and I proceeded to order a Chwarma Sandwich with a side of frites.

While unvegan travel rules stipulate that I can order my food with veggies, I still try to avoid any uncooked veggies for fear of beaver fever, so I ordered my chwarma without. This was a fail, so I sent it back and asked for it without salad this time and it worked. Unfortunately, while chwarma does appear to be how schwarma is spelled in Morocco, the version L’Etoile pumped out was more of a dry, flavorless compression of shaved chicken.

It was certainly disappointing, but perhaps a good example of the bad touristy food I had been warned against in the Big Square. Luckily I had already eaten some good food in the square and knew it wasn’t all like L’Etoile.