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Paddling to Coratti’s on Main

Such a Milford.
Such a Milford.

After quite the kayak journey down the Huron River, I found myself in Milford, Michigan seeking food. Fortunately, I was with family that brought me to Coratti’s on Main. Having had Italian for dinner the night before, I was not the most excited, but Coratti’s was definitely different from what I had just eaten. Instead of a ristorante, it was more of a cafe, with lighter fare waiting to make its way into my stomach.

I decided to order the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, which was prepared on a roll and served with a side of pasta. I wanted nothing to do with that side of pasta, and since I noticed it on the menu I asked for Waffle Fries instead. Because, I mean, they’re waffle fries.

It turned out that my order was a good choice. Well…mostly…because for some reason they thought it would be good to throw a pickle on my plate. And this pickle had some impact, corrupting a bit of bun and at least one waffle fry. I got rid of it as quickly as possible and moved onto the goods. The sandwich was tasty and just the right size for lunch, neither too big or too small. The waffle fries were tasty, but could have used some more time in the fryer to get crispy. As they were, they got sogged up a bit.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty good meal and a great way to finish up a rigorous kayaking journey. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but nothing to complain about either (you know, aside from the pickle).