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Is this bewitching enough for you?

In the depths of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, there is a multitude of fancy restaurants just waiting for the eating. But wanting to get on the road and needing a quick bite, we made our way to a sandwich shop called ‘wichcraft. I liked the nice little pun they used there, and also thought it might be a Tom Colicchio restaurant because of the “craft” used in the name (I later confirmed this, but I must confess I didn’t know who Tom Colicchio was until a few minutes before settling on ‘wichcraft).

After a long look (the line took forever) at the long sandwich menu, I finally decided on a nice, simple, unvegan sandwich. It was simply called the Prosciutto with Sweet Butter and was just that. No lettuce. No tomato. Just nice, simple and at the appropriate price of $7.50. Served on a baguette, the sandwich took about five minutes to prepare (along with a couple other things I ordered for the girlfriend) and then it was reading for viewing and eating.

Upon sandwich devouring, I found that the baguette was quite soft. It sure could have used some crisp to the crust, but the interior of the roll was a good texture. The prosciutto, as with most prosciutto, was delicious. Very few sandwiches have prosciutto as the centerpiece, but it can definitely hold its own. As for the butter, I was really excited that this was the central lubricant of the sandwich. Where most sandwiches go for mayo, oil or some sort of aioli, I grew up eating sandwiches with butter on them. Okay, it was usually margarine, but you get the point. So I was excited for the butter and it did its job well, but it wasn’t amazing. Right, I know butter can’t really be amazing, but the sweetness was so subtle that it may as well not have been there. This was a shame, because a bit more sugar could have made this sandwich awesome.

Instead, it stayed as just ‘some.