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Breakfast with Isabel

So so pretty.
So so pretty.

Often, breakfast is a good opportunity for an unvegan like me to get my fruit in. Remember, we’re against vegetables here, not fruit. So when I headed to Isabel (which has a very familiar site color scheme) in Portland’s Pearl District for a morning meal before leaving town, my eyes gravitated to their Coconut French Toast.

So thick and so sweet.
So thick and so sweet.

Granted, coconut isn’t what comes to mind when people typically think of fruit, but I stand by the fact that it is. The menu said it came with raspberry puree and powdered sugar, which it certainly did, but it failed to mention the delicious strawberries, blueberries and bananas that would accompany the toast. Hey, the more fruit the merrier is what I always say. And I will also say that this was some pretty incredible french toast. I was a little put off by its thickness at first, but realized it was just right for the amount of coconut and other assorted flavors.

It was a good way to finish up our stint in Portland and hit the road on a sweet note. There might not have been any meat involved, but there’s no denying it was a pretty meal.