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Dumplings make sense here.

Boston is definitely known as a melting pot of a city. But I didn’t know the same could be said for Salem, a town much better known for witches than food.. That was, of course, until I made my way to Village Tavern. I figured it would be like a typical village tavern, but this one had a little something hidden up its sleeve.

That little something took the form of Buffalo Chicken Rangoons. Granted, rangoons are kind of like a bastardized American version of a dumpling, but they still have an Asian flair that I hadn’t been expecting at such a place. Regardless, these were a pretty delicious way to start off the meal, along with a beer, of course.


For my main meal I had the Bacon Brie burger. This was topped with the aforementioned namesake ingredients (although the bacon was candied), as well as V-Tav whiskey bacon jam and vinegar onion straws. The burger was fine. Just fine. No, it was more than fine. At least the bacon and brie and jam were great, but the onion strings were not deeply fried enough for my liking and the patty itself was just okay.

I wasn’t expecting this burger to blow me away, and it did a fantastic job of meeting those expectations. Regardless, I left Village Tavern plenty satisfied and ready to take on any local witches.