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Somewhere something is green.
Somewhere something is green.

As a good unvegan, I pretty much refuse to eat at True Food. I say that having paid them a visit before, and knowing nothing good could come of a repeat. Thus, when I found out we had lunch plans at True Food in Scottsdale Quarter I immediately made moves to incite a revolution and head to Zinburger instead. It was successful enough to get a buddy to join me and so it began.

With fries. Spicy Green Chili Fries to be exact. These things were recommended by our waitress and were topped with the namesake green chili cheese sauce, roasted jalapenos, chipotle sauce, cotija cheese and chives. The fries held up well against that onslaught of toppings and they managed to have a great kick while being packed with other umami-powered flavor.

There is, of course, a hidden pickle there.
There is, of course, a hidden pickle there.

The burger I opted for was the Breakfast Burger. It may not have been the most creative burger on the menu, but the ingredients were some of my favorites: bacon, avocado, egg and American Cheese. There was mayo and lettuce on it as well, but I had no need for that. I wasn’t asked how I wanted it ordered and also wasn’t made aware that there would be a goddamn pickle on my stupid plate. The burger was definitely good. It didn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table, but the execution was great. Medium rare would have been nice, but the medium burger was at least juicy, if not huge.

It essentially struck me as an upscale Rounds Burgers that was executed like a non-upscale Rounds Burgers. I liked it and would definitely go back (that pickle certainly didn’t help), but it’s also not a burger place I’d generally be willing to drive across town for.