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A New Level of Custom Burgers at BluBurger Grille

Nothing blue (or green) about this burger.
Nothing blue (or green) about this burger.

Making its way into the custom burger scene in Arizona is a place called the BluBurger Grille. Similar to places like the Counter in California, BluBurger gives you a list of burger styles and loads of toppings available for them. BluBurger, however, takes customization to a new level.

Rather than restricting itself to one beef burger option, BluBurger has pulled out the stops by offering Kobe Beef (which I can only assume is actually Kobe-style beef) and Bison. Since I typically love me some buffalo, I ordered that with sharp cheddar and BBQ sauce. Adding anything else would have masked the flavor of the buffalo, so I kept my burger pretty simple. There were less options for toppings than at the Counter, but I think offering more meat more than made up for it. Also, the burger came with a side, which the Counter doesn’t include. For my side, I chose the skinny fries.

Having recently had a bad bison burger experience at the Library in Santa Monica, I was eager to replace that memory with a better one. When my burger arrived, I knew this burger would not be comparable to my bad experience. The patty was big and juicy, with just enough cheese and BBQ sauce. I bit in and was very happy with the taste. This place really knew how to cook up some bison. The fries were pretty decent, albeit small and a bit on the salty side. Luckily, the burger captured my attention for the meal and I didn’t really need to worry about the fries.

I was very happy to be reacquainted with my neglected bison friend. BluBurger is definitely a place worth seeking out in Arizona for some good ground meat on a bun.