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Want more orange on your chicken?
Want more orange on your chicken?

For lunch one day, I ordered from a little Asian place called Asia House. They claim to be “Fusion Thai Cuisine,” which in my mind means they are mostly Thai, but threw in some other assorted Asian dishes to please people afraid of food named Pad Kra Pao and Kang Mus Mun. On this day, I chose to be one of those people and ordered the Orange Chicken even though it is by no means an actual Thai dish.

They have a lunch special, which comes with soup, a fried wonton and steamed rice, so I made sure to take advantage of that. The delivery came pretty quickly and also brought some surprises. As a thank you for being awesome, Asia House also brought me some egg rolls and a Thai iced tea. These were great additions to the already cheap lunch I had.

Orange tea?
Orange tea?

I opened up my orange chicken and was almost blinded by the intensity of the orange color. In all my years of eating orange chicken, I had never seen a restaurant take the orange part so literally, at least color-wise. I started eating and found that they had really put more emphasis in the color than the flavor. The chicken was sweet, but not especially in a citric way.

Having never tried Thai iced tea before, I was amazed to find how orange it was. I assumed it would be sweet and milky, but was once again surprised by intense orange. The strange taste took some getting used to and the drink was especially heavy, but in the end I enjoyed my first Thai iced tea.

In the end, the food was enough to fill me up and keep me full til my next meal, but didn’t do anything mind-blowing other than with its crazy colors. If I need decent Asian food for cheap, I’ll order from them again.