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One fat burrito.
One fat burrito.

Recently I was driving down Penn Ave around Lawrenceville and I just happened to spot a Mexican place called Los Cabos. Moreover, it wasn’t just Mexican, but SoCal-style Mexican and I just had to stop in. What I found was a small Mexican spot that looked like the average corner taco or burrito shop all around Southern California, including the famous California Burrito.

That tear though.
That tear though.

This burrito, of course, is the one that comes with fries in it, making it perfect for Pittsburgh. Yet, they have another called the Pittsburgh Burrito that comes with cole slaw as well. I went with just the California, which came with those fries, carne asada, guacamole, sour cream, rice, refried beans and cheese. I’m not much for sour cream so I ordered without and it still turned out to be a pretty monstrous burrito. The first couple bites were pretty good, but not stellar, then I realized that the guac was chock full of tomatoes and onions. This was a disappointment as I find both of these completely unnecessary in a guacamole.

As I continued eating, I discovered that (aside from the tomatoes and onions), my burrito was simply lacking in balance. There were very few bites in which I felt that I was getting the full flavor of what should be in California Burrito. Some bites had far too much asada, while some were dominated by guac or fries. I certainly wouldn’t expect each bite to be the same, but there could have been more thought put into the composition.

Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed my experience. It’s not the greatest burrito spot, but certainly a solid choice considering El Burro is all the way across the river. Plus, it’s a whole lot more filling, so that’s always a win.