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Oooh multi-colored.
Oooh multi-colored.

In LA, the word Rodeo usually means one thing: a shopping street in Beverly Hills. Sometimes it means another random street on the west side and occasionally it means the thing with cowboys and stuff. Almost never does it mean dinner, unless you happen to find yourself strolling along Sunset in Echo Park and stepping into the first divey Mexican place you can find that just so happens to go by the name of Rodeo.

The place had the interior and menu that you could find in dozens of other Mexican places around LA, so I ordered the same thing I would order in any of them – a Burrito Enchilado Plate. This is just fancy Mexi-speak for a wet burrito. I filled mine with carne asada, but it also came stuffed with rice, beans, onions and cilantro, with beans and rice on the side. I wanted no part of the onions, then chose to get mine topped with both green and red salsa because I had never heard of such a thing before and the counter man recommended it.

The result was a pretty solid burrito. In fact, it met pretty much every expectation I had for such a spot. In no way did it amaze me (aside from all the colors!), but it also didn’t let me down at all. This is not the kind of place to rush out and eat, but if you’re in the neighborhood it will get the job done. Especially if the job is to make your burrito both green AND red.