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Mmmm sausage bread.
Mmmm sausage bread.

Oh Hofbrauhaus, how you manage to put items on a menu like “Kartoffelpfannkuchen” amazes me considering the size of your beer steins. I can’t pronounce things like that without beer in me, and it doesn’t get much better afterwards. Nonetheless, at least in Pittsburgh (as opposed to Germany) I can get a good explanation of what each dish is.

In fact, that’s how I ended up ordering the Ofenfrischer Leberkase, because while the menu offered a description, when my waitress described it as a sort of breakfast sausage loaf topped with a fried egg I was truly sold. It came with a German Potato Salad on the side, which I swapped out for some Bier Cheese Spatzle.

It took an excessive amount of time to arrive, but when it did it was exactly as my waitress had described it. It was also as good as it sounded, at least for the first few bites. Because after that the saltiness of the dish became overwhelming. So overwhelming that the spatzle was like a salt buffer despite being loaded with delicious cheese. In truth, had I been drinking more beer (I had only pounded one of their giant steins beforehand), I probably would have appreciated the Ofenfrischer Leberkase more. Without that beer, though, it was a bit of a struggle that made me long for some sort of schnitzel.