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Feeling Satisfied at Ritter’s Diner

So cheesy.
So cheesy.

In a world filled with fancy brunch spots, it’s comforting to know that greasy spoons like Ritter’s Diner still exist. Because after a night filled with too many vinos, I don’t want some newfangled omelet or polenta cake, I want cheese, bacon and a side of grease. And in my head, what better place to satisfy this need than Ritter’s Diner?

While Ritter’s may not have had the best service in town, it had the food I needed and semi-private jukeboxes at each table along the wall. I ordered a Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Cheese Fries while listening to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac from the table behind me. These took a surprisingly long time to come out, and while I somewhat blame that on the fact that my buddy ordered steak and eggs, he did order medium-rare so it shouldn’t have taken too long.

The result, however, was just what I wanted. The grilled cheese with bacon is a difficult dish to screw up and Ritter’s did not. The same goes for the cheese fries. Both were simple, unassuming and exactly what I would expect from such a place. This is not a place to go for creativity, but rather a place to visit to satisfy deeper animalistic and Americanistic needs.