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A Meaty Green Pepper

A couple stray veggies...
A couple stray veggies…

With a name like Green Pepper, you might think an unvegan like me would be scared away. But, upon hearing it called the best Korean spot in Pittsburgh from an actual Korean I knew I had to check it out (their awesome website and payment policy didn’t hurt either). After all, I got hooked on Korean food in LA and it was about as meaty as food gets.

I quickly scoured the menu for Bulgogi Beef and found it just sitting there waiting to be ordered, then I went ahead and ordered the spicy variety. Bulgogi is a sort of sweet beef with other sorts of seasonings that make it awesome. This beef came with a side of soup and a bunch of small pickle-esque dishes like kimchi and whatnot. A few of these were good because they were like potatoes and noodles, but the rest were unnecessary for me.

As for the beef, it was unquestionably delicious and worthy of my unvegan needs. It did however, come with some veggies like onions and green onions that were most unwelcome. Fortunately, I could pick my way around them as I went about eating. The beef itself was tender, juicy and packed with a perfect amount of flavor and spice. In fact, as I finished up, I wondered when my next chance to eat delicious Bulgogi would come, knowing it could not come too soon.