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Dining with St. Francis

Eggs and stuff underneath.

St. Francis sounds like it should be some sort of a new band, as opposed to a trendy restaurant in Phoenix. Yet, if it were a band I would obviously not be writing about it up here on my meat blog. But anyway, St. Francis is kind of a modern American spot with industrial designs and a shocking amount of toys for children to play with. I went on what was one of the hottest days ever recorded on earth.

Unfortunately, this meant that a few things were off the menu that night, likely because the person who knew how to make them melted on the way over or because the ingredients had spontaneously combusted without being properly prepped. Regardless, this did not get in the way of the food that I had decided to order: Pork Chile Verde. Plus, for an extra few bucks you could add some sunny side up eggs and it would have been stupid for me not to.

Another eggy angle.

This was cooked in their woodfired oven, but unfortunately that didn’t seem to add a lot of flavor to the chile verde.┬áIt was good, but didn’t have a ton of flavor, plus seemed to be pretty lacking in actual pork for the cost. Even the eggs were not strong enough to make up for that. On the other hand, the pork was nice and tender, and I was a big fan of the corn bread. Fortunately, while I was hungry still I got a chance to try out the Moroccan Meatballs. These were also cooked in the woodfired oven and were definitely a step up from the chile verde in almost every way.

So, despite the heat, St. Francis managed to make both a meh dish and a really good dish. It was enough to show me that St. Francis is worth visiting, but not exactly a place to rush off to.