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Where’s the ‘za?

In my ceaseless quest to find the best breakfast in breakfast heaven (Arizona), I found myself at the creatively named Breakfast Kitchen Bar in Scottsdale. Yay for sarcasm. But while the name wasn’t creative, the menu had a few things I had never seen before, one of them being the Breakfast Pizza.

I mean, sure, I’ve seen breakfast pizza before, but usually that just means a regular pizza with some level of eggs thrown on top. Here, this was described as a hash brown crust, topped with fontina cheese, bacon and two eggs any way I liked. I ordered mine sunny side up and they looked beautiful when they arrived, with a touch of paprika on them for looks.

If this is pizza I’m a vegan.

But what was strange was that it wasn’t round or even really pizza-like, unless the definition of pizza is “something with cheese melted over it,” in which case basically everything I eat is pizza. And I should add that I’m cool with square pizza too, but this wasn’t that. Instead, it was kind of like two hash brown patties topped with amazingness. When I say that it was amazingness, I really mean that. It was like the perfect combination of savory flavors. The hash browns were crispy, but forgiving, the eggs were perfectly runny and the bacon was cooked to a crisp. But probably the biggest kicker was the use of fontina cheese instead of your more typical cheeses. This took the “breakfast pizza” to another level that left me begging for more when I was finished.

So far, this may take the cake of breakfasts in the Phoenix area. There’s plenty more out there, but it’s twists like these that the world needs more of, even if it all was borne out of a misnomer.