The Unvegan

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It has to start with rice.

Persian food is a special type of Middle Eastern food, and thus I was very excited to learn that Scottsdale has its own Persian restaurant, appropriately named the Persian Room, because it’s basically one big room. With Persian food. And like any Persian restaurant worth its salt, its menu was vast and filled with all sorts of meats and rice. Essentially it was the kind of place that was made for an unvegan.

It began with Tah Dig, which is a must-eat if you have never it. Essentially, it is overcooked rice, but in the best of ways. It’s oily and crispy and then covered in choice of two stews. Or, if you’re like me, you get both. One is the gheimeh and the other is the ghormeh sabzi. The gheimeh is more legumey, and the ghormeh sabzi is more herby. I preferred the ghormeh sabzi, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Perfect things. Except that tomato.

As for my main course, I snagged the Naderi Sultani. This took the classic Sultani to another level by combining filet mignon, chicken and koobideh (ground beef). I also decided to upgrade the rice to zereshk polo rice instead of normal basmati rice. This means barberries (a tart and sweet berry) and saffron were mixed in with the rice. The whole plate was a beautiful feast and I set to work on it. By far, the best was the filet mignon, which was perfectly seasoned and tender. The chicken and koobideh were plenty good as well, but just couldn’t compare with the filet mignon.

As far as rooms go, this Persian Room was definitely one of my favorites. There aren’t many other rooms you can go to for incredible meats and incredible rice, so the Persian Room is the right place to get that fill.