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Hand Cut and Half Off

Best steak ever?

Steaks aren’t cheap. At least, that’s the tale we’ve all been told. But what if I told you that the beautiful ribeye steak to the left there was only $18? Well, it’s the truth. Because Tuesdays in Scottsdale are apparently not the most popular nights to go out, so Hand Cut Burgers Burgers and Chophouse offers its steaks for half off. Thus, on a night that I had been intending to order a burger, I found myself ordering that ribeye instead.

It wasn’t bone-in, but I wasn’t going to complain. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare and served with garlic butter and a sprig of something unimportant. The beef was nicely marbled and it was perfectly seasoned with next to nothing aside from the garlic butter. Admittedly, neither the flavor nor the juiciness were quite what they could have been if it had been bone-in. It’s probably not fair to pick a bone with an $18 ribeye, but if it had been full price, it may have been something more worthy of consideration.

Tuesdays are definitely the right day to be at Hand Cut. It’s probably still great on the other nights of the week, but once you have tasted the forbidden fruit, it’s hard to go back to reality.