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All the right stuff.

Once again, I found myself at one of the Phoenix area’s seemingly endless supply of breakfast/brunch spots. This time it was a place called Scramble in Scottsdale. Scramble is one of those places where you order at the counter, which is all good and well until there’s only one person at the counter with a line out the door and a bunch of empty tables inside. But I digress, as even with that wait to order it probably took just as long to get my food as it would have if I had sat down and ordered at the table.

And what food did I order? Why, that would be the Southwest Breakfast Burrito. Unlike most southwest-style burritos, this one had no beans and, most importantly, no pico de gallo. Instead, it was filled with spicy chorizo, cheddar, avocado, scrambled eggs (duh), and jalapeno cream cheese. It also came with hash browns on the side, and not inside like some burritos may be.

I was definitely a fan of the various flavors and the burrito undoubtedly packed a punch. Yet, the ingredients all kind of blurred together from a textural standpoint. And this was a shame, because the hash browns that were on the outside looking in were of the delicious crunchy sort. Throw those in the burrito and they are a game changer, but without them I was left with the feeling that this burrito just didn’t live up to its flavor potential.

Alas, flavor is important, so with that said I was a fan of Scramble, but not as much of a fan as I could have been.