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Stone and Vine and Gnocchi


I’m a sucker for gnocchi. If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know this. You also know that I will even forego meat to get some delicious gnocchi. Thus, I was happy to find that Stone and Vine in Scottsdale had itself some gnocchi on the menu. It was called Gnocchi Pomodoro, which obviously means that it had tomato in some way (in this case sauce), but also came with fresh mozzarella.

The sauce was really solid. I loved the touch of creaminess to it. The fresh mozzarella was also fantastic and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t left wanting more. This was both because of it being good and because it was just like a dollop. The pasta itself was good, but not great. I prefer my gnocchi to be on the softer side and this wasn’t, so whatevsies.

But would I get it again? Yeah, no doubt. Even decent gnocchi is still better than most good other pasta, and this was definitely better than decent.