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Don’t lay a finger on my sweet potatoes.

Old Town Scottsdale is basically the touristy mecca of Scottsdale. And while touristy doesn’t often translate into delicious food, there are a few gems among those crowded streets. On the outside, Farm + Craft seemed like such a place with a great open concept and an “order at the counter” or “order at your table” that seemed to depend on the whim of the workers that day.

The menu wasn’t exactly extensive, and certainly seemed to care a lot about giving off a healthy vibe. Thus, I decided to go with the Grass-Fed Burger. I love my burgers grass-fed, and I also like it when they are topped with havarti, sun-dried tomato sriracha mayo and avocado. I don’t like it when those ingredients are on a whole wheat bun with mixed greens, but I got them to omit the greens and accepted the bun. The side options were all pretty dumb and veggie-like, with the closest to any sort of reason being sauteed sweet potatoes.

With all that, you may expect me to say I loved the burger, but in reality it actually was pretty lacking in flavor. It makes sense to a certain degree though, as havarti is a pretty mid cheese, avocados don’t bring too much flavor to the table and the beef just didn’t seem seasoned. The mayo tried to save it all, but not successfully. It was also hard to overcome the burger not being very juicy. Oh, and I didn’t even mind when my son went after my sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes are meh in the best of times.

So while I always want to say I loved a grass-fed burger, I couldn’t help but feel let down by Farm + Craft. There is apparently no farm nearby with seasoning, but if they find one it would go a long way in making a better burger.