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Melty burrito time.

Scottsdale and breakfast go together like peas and carrots. Well, assuming those peas and carrots are nowhere near me. But having breakfast near me is good, so it became time to check out Ncounter in Scottsdale, its third location after presumably finding success in Tempe and Phoenix. I’m not sure what the “N” stands for, but the rest of the name is descriptive of the ordering style of the restaurant, so that made sense.

I ordered the Chipotle Egg Burrito, which is packed with bacon, avocado, cilantro, potatoes, scrambled egg, cheese and chipotle sauce. And it was really very good. I appreciated each ingredient in balance and really loved the flair of melting extra cheese over the top of the thing both for style points and for taste points. No bite was the same as the last, but none were overwhelmed by any single ingredient either.

This wasn’t a burrito to end all burritos, nor was it even a burrito I would necessarily go for on a later visit to Ncounter, but it was unquestionably a burrito worth eating and one that made me think Ncounter probably has a bunch of other really solid food waiting for an unvegan to eat it.