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It’s like Buffalo and Texas together.

Goodyear is really far away when you live in Scottsdale. Like, it feels like it’s in an entirely different state. Like, when you drive there you feel like you may as well be driving to Los Angeles. So, I figured if I was going there I might as well make an afternoon of it and grab lunch as well. Thus, I found myself at Haymaker, which is like a family friendly sports bar that almost feels like a chain, but isn’t.

I was in the mood for buffalo chicken, but in sandwich form instead of loose wing form. Therefore, I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, which was fried, smothered in buffalo sauce and squeezed between two pieces of Texas Toast, therefore bringing Buffalo and Texas together at last. It also came topped with lettuce and tomato with blue cheese on the side, but I had no interest in the lettuce and tomato.

The fried chicken was sizable, juicy and crunchy. The buffalo sauce was a very good blend of butter, spice and spicy. The side of blue cheese was, well, a side of blue cheese. So, you could say things were going pretty well. But then there was the Texas Toast, which was a mistake. I mean, it was good toast, but it was far more toast than a breaded chicken sandwich should ever need. Oh and especially when there were plenty of carby and delicious fries as well.

It was a near-hit of a sandwich that just seemed to be doomed by trying too hard. If I were to order it again, I’d go topless or bottomless, but never fully clothed.