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Eating Greek the Fast Way at Daphne’s Greek Cafe (CLOSED)

What's Greek for burger?
What’s Greek for burger?

Edit: This location is gone, but Daphne’s as a whole is not.

Since the entire concept of Greek fast food is a bit confusing, I decided to check out Daphne’s Greek Cafe in Culver City and see what it was all about.

A quick perusal of the menu revealed the Pitaburger. This burger is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, because instead of a bun, they use authentic Greek pita. The differences between this burger and other burgers does not end there, however. Rather than typical burger toppings, this one comes with Greek offerings like feta cheese and for an additional bit of pocket change, you can get gyros added to the burger to make it as meaty as possible. This burger was not without fault in its intended version, though, as it also came with burger killers like lettuce and tomato.

For mine, I ordered without the veggies, asked for gyros, and then asked for what was called fire feta cheese. It sounded like it would give my burger a good spicy kick. I also got fries on the side.

When the burger came, the gyros in place of veggies made it look good and meaty. I took a bite, expecting a spicy kick, which I never got. It seemed as though they had given me plain feta instead of the fiery sort. The consistency of the burger also left a bit to be desired, with an almost rubbery texture. This was slightly masked by the gyros, which turned out to be the best part of the burger. I suppose I should have expected this, since they were the most Greek part of this Greek fast food burger.

I’m glad I tried it, but next time I get Greek fast food, I’ll make sure to get something more Greek than a burger.