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Although I work like literally right next door to the Pitfire Pizza in North Hollywood, I was somehow compelled to pay a visit to the newer Culver City location. The set up of the place is actually pretty cool and somewhat industrial-looking. Orders are taken at a counter that has a nice blackboard behind it showing off the current specials. None of these looked too interesting to me, so I took a look at the regular menu and found something interesting.

Just like back in the homeland.

It was called the Folded Style Garlic Chicken Pizza and it came with garlic grilled chicken, pesto, four cheeses and red onions. I got mine without those onions and then assumed it was called “folded” because it was some sort of cooking style I had never heard of (which is not surprising because I know very few cooking styles). I also noticed in a fridge behind the counter that they had Faygo. Many people don’t know what Faygo is, but anyone from Detroit sure knows. Faygo is a pop company (that’s right, not soda) located in Detroit, which is incredibly difficult to find outside of the borders of Michigan. Yet, somehow this pop made its way to Pit Fire Pizza, which was a huge bonus. I ordered a bottle of Redpop (strawberry flavor) to enjoy a little nostalgia with my pizza.

When my pizza arrived I was startled on two fronts. The first of which was that my pizza wasn’t covered in some special folded chicken. In fact, I couldn’t see any chicken at all because the entire pizza was folded. And not like a calzone or something like that. No, this pizza had literally been baked in an oven and then folded in half afterwards. It was a crazy concept that I was excited to try out. I was also startled that there was a mini salad plopped next to my folded pizza on my plate. Terrible. There had been no mention of this on the menu, but luckily it looked like it wouldn’t get in the way of my real food.

I figured out I had to eat my pizza kind of like a quesadilla. This was kinda cool and made things easy. The mix of flavors was great and it had the perfect amount of garlic. Unfortunately, though, this kind of fold made for a lot of dough when you got to the end of each piece. It made the “crust” area a hole lot doughier than a normal pizza, which is cool for some people, but I was longing for a little more flavor during these stretches. Nonetheless, this was a pretty cool concept. The parts that were full of toppings were great and hey, everything goes better with a nice bottle of Faygo Redpop.