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Now even whiter!

Well my real work life (yes, I have to do real work sometimes) has taken me from LA’s South Bay to North Hollywood, but for one of my final lunches in the South Bay (for now), I went to a little Italian place called Deluca Trattoria in El Segundo. They had a great little express lunch menu that I spent a lot of time looking at in order to decide what I wanted. I suppose all this time spent looking at the menu defeated the purpose of an express lunch, but I couldn’t help it. After much deliberation, I decided to order their Pizza Bianca, which came with garlic, oregano and gorgonzola. The lack of meat on this pizza was troubling to me, so I asked to get some chicken on it, and they happily complied.

As I waited for the pizza, I chowed down on a whole lot of delicious bread. The olive oily dip it came with was really tasty and so by the time my pizza came, I was almost full. Whatever, though, I can eat a lot on a full stomach. Except not this time, because the pizza was actually really doughy. Especially for an Italian-style pizza. The ingredients, however, tasted pretty good, so I wasn’t too disappointed. The chicken was definitely a nice touch, because the gorgonzola was strong and the meat helped to tone it down.

Despite the thickness of the dough, the pizza was pretty tasty. It was good that I customized it, because it was definitely a better pizza for that. There is definitely better Italian-style pizza to be had in LA, but if you’re craving some in El Segundo, Deluca Trattoria isn’t a bad choice.

On that note, I’m definitely looking forward to what sort of food North Hollywood will have to offer me…