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I Choo Choo Choose You

What an apt description.

Located just south of President’s on Highway 53 in Superior, Wisconsin, is a restaurant in a box car. I’m not sure how, but it somehow got the name of Choo Choo Bar & Grill. Although it is plenty old, it seems that Choo Choo has been renovated recently and has the look of a new dive bar that will not look new for very long. And if anyone knows how to test out the food of a dive bar, it’s this guy.

I was told to check out their namesake Choo Choo Burger, but the presence of mushrooms and onions quickly sent me looking for something more unvegan. The search ended quickly with the Bacon Cheeseburger. I knew I didn’t have to order mine without vegetables, because my girlfriend had asked if they had salads on the menu and was rapidly shot down. Bad news for her, but reason for celebration for unvegans everywhere. I also knew this wasn’t going to be some fancy schmancy burger when the waitress walked away without even asking how I wanted it cooked. Fine by me.

What I got was a good old fashioned bacon cheeseburger. Classier than fast food, but without making any attempt at being gourmet. The meat was fresh and misshapen, while the bacon was some of the best I’ve ever had on a burger. It was perfectly crispy, salty and smoky. And while the cheese was good, it didn’t blow me away like Wisconsin cheese should have. Yet, that is a small complaint. No, this was not the best burger I’ve ever eaten, but it is definitely unvegan approved.