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Those onions.

Sometimes a burger comes along with an innovation worth screaming from the mountain tops. Or, at least from a meat blog. This time, that burger can be found at Paradise Valley Burger Co., which is in Paradise Valley, which is some sort of a hybrid of a neighborhood thingy in Phoenix. The spot can be found in mini mall reminiscent more of Los Angeles than your typical Phoenix and is divey enough to have been visited by Guy Fieri.

One of their famous burgers is the Brulee burger, which features some burnt sugar on the inside of the top of the bun. And when I went, they were featuring a little something called the Chili Cheese Brulee Burger. I love me some sweet and salty mix, so this sounded right up my alley with two beef patties, sharp cheddar, spicy Texas-style chili, sour cream, and fried onions with that sugary bun.

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When the burger arrived, I was truly shocked by the stack of onions. They were super thin, but while I tried to take a bite of my burger with them, they were simply overwhelming in flavor and mass. After taking down a few stories of them I was ready tackle the rest of the burger. The patties were thin, but flavorful and the chili was essentially the opposite, but the cheddar made for a nice cheesy flavor. The bun, though, really knocked this one out. As suspected, it did a wonderful job of combining sweet with salty.

While the concept of the burger was fantastic, the execution could have used some work. Too many onions, not enough cheese, subpar chili…just a few tweaks here and there and this burger could have gone from solid to one of the best and most genius burgers ever.