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Small, like the people.

On our way to my Chinese homeland, the girlfriend and I happened to have a layover at the Tokyo-Narita Airport in Japan. This was great for the girlfriend since she loves her sushi and also great for me because I was hoping to find myself some Melon Fanta. Sadly, the Melon Fanta was nowhere to be found, but at least we found some sushi. The little airport restaurant was appropriately named “Sushi” (I thought Japanese people were supposed to be creative) and we took a seat inside.

Shiny is my favorite type of fish.

A quick glance at the menu showed that the restaurant certainly was used to catering to Americans, with a California Roll, Veggie Roll and other such things the Japanese wouldn’t dare eat. But they did have some special local Japanese tuna and the section of the menu called “Various Types of Shiny Fish” ensured that you knew you were in Japan. I decided to keep my order simple and got a Salmon Roll. Within a couple minutes, my food was prepared and returned to the table. The pieces of the roll were small, which was fine with me because I had already figured I would be hungry in an hour no matter how much I ate. I snagged the chopsticks from a drawer on the table, poured myself some soy sauce and prepared to eat. Strangely enough, wasabi was nowhere to be found. This wasn’t a big deal, but I hoped the roll wouldn’t be in need of that strangely spicy Asian kick.

I grabbed a slice of my roll, topped it with some white ginger, dipped it in the soy sauce and delicately placed the entire piece in my mouth. After biting in, I found where they had hid the wasabi. In the roll! This was actually awesome because they had figured out the perfect amount of that green spice paste to put in the roll. Aside from the wasabi, I found the roll to be pretty good. I’m no sushi expert, but my girlfriend seemed to feel as though the sushi was really fresh and wonderful. And I have no reason to disagree. We may have only been in an airport, but I feel like even a Japanese airport should have better sushi than the best sushi place in LA.

So an hour later, when I was starting to feel hungry again, at least I felt like I had a good meal in Japan and was ready to tackle me some true Chinese food.