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Feeling blue.
Feeling blue.

Over in Lewiston for a nice little night of music in the Artpark, I found my way to a food truck called Macarollin’. Interestingly enough, this truck wasn’t some old school taco truck, but more of a U-Haul truck, which I’m guessing had to go through some sort of crazing zoning board before getting to sell food. But I digress, Macarollin’ served only four things on their menu and they were all varieties of mac and cheese. This was a good thing, because I hate it when food trucks try to do to much.

I decided to go for their Buffalo Mac and Cheese, which was made with buffalo chicken, blue cheese and celery seed bread crumbs on top of their regular mac. Weighing in at 9 bucks, I was actually impressed when it actually weighed in at what felt like 9 pounds.

Keep on trucking.
Keep on trucking.

And not only was there a lot of mac, it was also pretty tasty. I’m not sure what celery seeds are, but I had taken a calculated risk that they were nothing like celery when I ordered and I was right. The bread crumbs gave the mac a nice crunch, and there was just enough blue cheese to keep reminding me it was there without going overboard. It could have used a bit more chicken, but the mac itself made up for it by being nice and creamy with noodles cooked perfectly.

According to their site, Macarollin’ is kinda doing the franchise thing. So this means that the good stuff might not just be limited to Western New York in the future. It’s unquestionably the best mac I’ve ever had from a food truck and stands pretty strongly in the non-food truck world as well.